That one time I chose freedom over soul death

This month marks four years since I escaped.

Sometimes it feels like yesterday, sometimes it feels like another lifetime ago. In the spirit of celebrating my independence, I’m going to be posting some mementos, from the days when I was first learning to fly, slowly and painfully. Continue reading

Embracing Sobriety in Spritual Practice – An Interview with Elizabeth Esther

Another blogging friend, Laurie Works, introduced me to Elizabeth Esther’s blog back in 2014.

Recently I ran across her top ten signs of a spiritually abusive church YouTube video and I was so, so glad someone finally mentioned the dangers of “independent fundamental” churches like the ones I attended when I was a teenager, where most of the experiences that I write about came from. Continue reading

Some Thoughts on National Remembrance and Christian Terrorism

So Memorial Day wasn’t too long ago, and I’ve been thinking about my mixed feelings about patriotism and group remembrances.

I don’t think patriotism is inherently bad, but I also think that questioning where our patriotic energy is directed is a healthy thing. Be wary of people who encourage blind patriotism. The Nazis were patriotic. It’s like people who stoke up religious fervor in churches. The Crusaders were “on fire for God.” Continue reading